Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why I don't want to be "Home for the Holidays"

Hmmm... First, because we don't ever spend them at home? And when we do its generally sad and depressing because it's only us and no family ever come anymore as they did in 2005-6 and 2008 (the only times we hosted Thanksgiving (05-06) and Xmas. 

Second, because as much as we need free time at home to clean and organize endlessly, who wants to do that in a holiday???? Not me!

So I'm really depressed at the thought of Thanksgiving at home (again!). 

P.S. We'll be in FL with my husband whole family in December!!

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Heidi said...

When I was growing up, we almost never spent holidays with family. I think my mom sort of felt like you do. BUT there are always other "orphans" around, and it does become fun to band together and pretend you're family for the day. I hope some delightful plans come together for your vacation!