Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rainbow Tree/ Rainbow Leaves

I'm I shouldn't be posting these photos without watermaking them for fear of the rainbow one being pinned & going viral (I'm sure there must be other ones people whose done the same thing). I'll try to come & edit the post later. I haven't backed up the photos or I'd watermak on my phone (haven't figured how to copy photos to edit one of them yet, I don't think it's possible)...

Ok, when I saw this tree I knew I could make a rainbow out of its leaves:
Look how many hues they have:
So I did that: (NO filter whatsoever)
Please don't pin until I've watermaked them!

Rainbow leaf:
Yeah, I don't like the fall, but it still brings me joy sometimes.

Bonus pic:
P.S. I did the same thing with photos from my backyard tree, but photos are on the Nikon. I'll try to share them later!