Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sisters I

This weekend it was my oldest maternal aunt Esther's 85th birthday, so my mom's other sister, Ruth, drove (OK, her youngest son drove ;-) all the way from Curitiba, state of Paraná, where she lives to my parents' house in the São Paulo countryside* (and aunt Esther came too from the capital). Then on Sunday they all drove to São Paulo (city) to celebrate at aunt Esther's house with a churrasco [Brazilian barbecue]. I'm SUPER jealous of my local friend Mimi who happened to be in Brazil and got to meet both of my aunts. I haven't seen aunt Ruth since July 2012... :-(

Here are two photos of the sisters this past weekend (cropped & edited, my mom's camera is not very good):
 Helena, 73; Ruth 81; Esther 85
Their mom, Adelina, lived to be 94 years old, but I'm always worried about them. Especially on how my mom would deal with losing her sisters. (sniff, sniff) In the mean time, each moment has to be cherished, even from a very long distance! I'm actually glad that my friend was there. She shared a special moment of my family's history and she can rub some of it off onto me. Sigh...

* Aunt Ruth's visits are is really always "momentous" because they are to rare!! In all their lives I think aunt Ruth has been to my parents' house only three or four times (and my uncle only twice! He doesn't like traveling much, he's such a character!).

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Heidi said...

Oh, that's so sweet that they all got to visit in person! I'm sure it was hard for you not to be there too!