Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First Free Day!!

I can't believe I haven't blogged for twelve long days!* I don't have a good reason, I've been busy and immersed in lots of things and although I continually "write" blog posts in my head, I actually haven't had time to come write them. Sigh... Hopefully I'll catch up soon!

I'm not "done" yet, but this is my first free day and I'm enjoying it immensely!! I spend about an hour at my sons' school giving this belated birthday gift to a friend (she was traveling on her birthday) -- she loved it!! yay! And then talking to the principal about some issues I find important. Some minor complaints & concerns. Our SUPER AWESOME principal and his family are leaving, which is pretty sad, but I met the candidate they chose as his replacement and I'm thrilled with him. I hope he'll be an awesome principal too.

Then I came home and transferred the load of washed towels to the drier when it was done (I try to line dry most things, but I'm sticking with the drier for towels or they become rougher than sandpaper!). And I spent sometime opening storage boxes in the garage and realizing that I want to free-cycle a lot of things, including some books and since we're having a group of friends over this coming Saturday afternoon/evening, I'll let them take whatever they want and then donate the rest!

I still haven't found what I was looking for (a shower curtain from our previous house -- I'm going to make kid tents like these, but with shower curtains & hooks so kids can actually open and close!), so I have to keep looking in storage boxes, closets, cabinets, you name it! Sigh... but in writing this it just occurred to me that maybe the shower curtain I'm looking for is plastic, not made of fabric, and I suppose that wouldn't work for the tent, would it? :-) I wanted a girl one (I have it already, with flower) and another one more geared towards boys, so the fish curtain I had was perfect! Well, let me look at old photos of the rental house, maybe I'll find out.

In the meantime, I will try to keep on being productive on my first free day! And I hope to do more blogging from now on. Can't believe this is only my 9th post this month. I'll try to make it to at least 10 or 12!

Edited to add @2:28 pm: I found the shower curtain in a box in the garage. It is plastic, but "matte" PVC, not hard, shiny vinyl, so I can use it! YAY!

* I wrote this before posting my "links" post this morning.

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