Monday, August 15, 2011

they're ours


since last Tuesday.

I wanted to write a long, nice announcement post, full of photos and stuff, but I didn't and don't have time.  (remember I was sick last week? And that we had to travel from Virginia to Vermont to Montreal, Canada?)

I also didn't want to blog about it before telling K's family because I didn't want my one family member [dear sister-in-law] who reads the blog to find out through here... but... I changed my mind today after telling "French Canadian" brother-in-law K4 in person.

I realized that it's better to tell people who might not be very happy with your pet decisions in person rather than online (and I didn't even know K4 might have a negative reaction, BIL K2 is the one I'm really stressed about 'cause he is strongly adverse and apparently allergic to them too). So I think we're only spilling the beans to the closest living family members when we see them next weekend or the following one. MIL doesn't need to know just yet (and she's really cool and neutral and doesn't interfere in our lives. I just love my mother-in-law. :)

Furthermore, I know "Blogger SIL" ;) won't mind learning through my blog (that's how I found out she was adopting a cat many years ago, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy and understood in a way that only people who have family members who can't stand cats do) -- just don't tell anyone yet, OK, Rene & K3?

I'll let you know their names next time -- I'm just SOOOO excited about that! -- & I'll have photos too.

Today the boys and I arrived just in time for my nephew's 1st birthday party (delayed for a month so we could be here) and it was lovely! And now I have to go to bed.

Did you think we were going to get the kittens or not? Were you surprised? (some "real life" friends were :) Let me know, I'm curious!


M said...

Congrats! They are very cute!

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Rene said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to hear the names. Two more things:

1. I definitely don't mind, and of course I won't tell.
2. We were just talking about MILs last weekend at Babe-A's party (I guess Tia D is writing a book on the subject), and I completely agree--ours is pretty great. ;-)

jo(e) said...

Once you posted photos to the blog, I knew you'd end up adopting them. They're so adorable!

perrie said...

I am SO very happy you have them! I could scarcely bring myself to e-mail you and ask, because I was afraid you had been "nudged" into not taking them in. I'm glad they are a part of your family now.