Monday, February 09, 2009


I'm done teaching and submitting grades for my first class online. I expect to pass and become a "faculty" member, but I truly didn't enjoy the experience. I just got too stressed out and felt perennially "enslaved" by the class, without one moment of feeling carefree and relaxed.

Working at home is not for me, I think... unless it's something that involves set tasks that you get "done" and not this ongoing, never-ending weeks-on-end commitment. I may be offered to teach another pair of classes in a month or so like it happened with two of my colleagues. And I'll take them... because there's a mortgage and debt to pay. I have to be thankful for this opportunity, and not whiny. I know that too.

Well, anyway, I thought I'd let you know. Hopefully I'll have more energy and drive to post more often after this. And then, it'll all start again... well, that is, if I pass.

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Mrs. Bee said...

I'm sorry that was so stressful, hoping for a better experience for you...