Thursday, September 08, 2016

Not very productive day

Most boring post title ever? Yeah, probably. Nothing like a day after the other, right? :-P

It's almost 6 pm and I haven't cooked the huge batch of tomato sauce that I planned to (although I still want to do it) and I tried to do the last of the few things my husband asked me to do (to pay the water bill in the city offices) and... well... I got there half an hour late! :-(

And... I haven't yet sent the emails that I needed to send my students. BOOOOO! I hope to do that in the next few minutes and then... I'll go tackle that box of tomatoes. Peeling, seeding, sauteing with onions & garlic.

I did wash a couple of loads of laundry (which, in fact, makes me more contrary than happy, more on that when I blog about school uniforms!) and... took a bunch of donations to a community service place.

And read a bit.

Sigh. Not too happy today. Super productive days set a bar too high to keep up with! ;-P

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