Sunday, September 11, 2016

Conflicted feelings about this 15th anniversary

Five  years ago I wrote a nice post about 9/11, but I feel so conflicted now. It's a particularly bad moment in the history of this country. One that I hope to look back to in months and years ahead and be glad that it's over. Because if that man becomes president, wow... I don't know... it's just unimaginable, but so very possible.

(and the worst possible moment to be filling a citizenship application. I know, it's a ridiculous way to tell you about it as well, but whatever, now you know)

Things that make me upset: The reports about all the 9/11 responders are dying of cancer and suffering from other ailments. How plausible the arguments made by the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are (Am I going to be surveilled by the government from now on for writing this?). How the consequences of the Iraq war are still haunting the world to this day.

Too many things. I was going to share some photos of the Ground Zero memorial, but I can't find them in my external hard drive and now I'm stressed (thinking I may have lost some amazing photos of that day back in May. Sigh...).

Yeah, it's a crazy world and I have no words or energy to go into it right now.

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What Now? said...

Despite all the conflicted feelings, congratulations on filling out your citizenship application.