Friday, September 25, 2015


Continuing in the spirit of the previous middle-of-the-night post, other things are bugging me as well. 

The main one is the fact that on November 8 we are ridiculously over scheduled! First, at the request of my colleague, I scheduled the dinner that I prepare for about 50 to 70 students at University number two.  

Then, I realized that this day is also the boys' piano recital day! But I thought it might work to have them play at the 1 PM recital and then I can head off to prepare for my dinner.

However, I had not realized that this is also the very last day of soccer games! And it turns out that our 13-year-old son cannot miss any games because his team does not have any extra players! So we're  thinking we can make it to the 3 PM game, but it's going to be crazy! And I obviously won't be there because I will be headed in another direction.

So, there you go, a sample of our crazy overscheduled lives! :-(

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