Sunday, August 23, 2015

Alphabet Browser Search Fun

Wow, memes are so last decade, but I still wanted to do this one, inspired by Geeky Mom. It's a fun time killer that you get by typing each letter of the alphabet into the browser address bar. I used both Chrome & Firefox. Would have loved to have done Safari too, but I'm on my pc desktop right now. Chrome is lame having nothing for a bunch of letters...

Chrome  /  Firefox

A:   /  American Express (with Amazon cart second)
B: blogger    (both)
C: catalog (university #1 library)   /    c_ _ _  : teaching platform at U#2
D:   /
E: exchange [outlook email from U#1]    for both
F:  for both
G:   for both
H: htttps:// --> That's not right!   /
I:   /
J: (nothing -- google search)   /*
K: (because of my last post)   /  (got this link from my friend Jeannette a while back)
L: learnsecurity (training security site of U#1)   /  (oh boy! a live music show I watched a few months ago)
M: mail (from universtiy #2)   /  :-)
N:  (!)   /   (my church's official news site)
O: (nothing -- google search)   /
P: (not surprising! I never go there!)   / (kids' school grades site)
Q: (nothing -- google search)   / (model train site my kids used to visit a lot)
R:  (nothing -- google search)   / (kids grades, this is getting boring!)
S: (great dictionary site, for teaching Portuguese!)   /    sites (university #1)
T:   /
U: (nothing -- google search)   /
V:   / can't say
W:   /
X: (nothing -- google search)   / -- what is that? (afraid to click)
Y:    for both
Z: (nothing -- google search)   /   nothing

*wow, that was random! This guy made some hilarious stop motion animation adaptation of children's books that I once bought for my kids -- including Curious George goes to the HospitalMouse Soup and others -- and I googled him once a while back.

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