Friday, November 28, 2008


Before the day ends... I just wanted to register a complaint.

I'm not enjoying the online gig because it's so time consuming and demanding (I know that subsequent classes would be slightly -- just slightly -- easier) that it spoils my whole life... I just can't relax, enjoy spending time with my family. It's always there, in the back of my mind, and not just that, in front too, because I have to spend a lot of time "physically present" with my family, but away grading, writing posts, giving feedback to students, online.

So much for the advantage of "working from wherever/ whenever" or working from home. Nah... I just can't walk away from this! Good thing I at least take a 24h break from Friday-Saturday, or else it would have been unbearable.

OK, complaint registered. Now, off to bed. Tomorrow night... I'll try to come and say hi, but it's been hard, nearly impossible, because I'm always consumed with work at night, and late at night. And tomorrow I'll be going crazy because I have to turn in grades until Sunday. Sorry, I said I'd stop, and, BTW, I shouldn't be talking about it today... More later.


Dawn said...

Work-from-home is swell except when it isn't. I definitely have to fight the on-call feeling 24 hours a day.

Libby said...

for me teaching is always that way, even the in person kind (which is the only kind I've done). There's always something to grade, something to read, something to plan... In fact, I should be doing all three of those things right now!

M said...

I had a similar experience when I taught an online course, Lilian. I expected it to take much less time, and in fact, was told point blank by the powers that be that it would take much less time. Not so! It took as much, if not more time, than teaching in a traditional setting.