Tuesday, January 02, 2018

In 2018...

... I hope no one in our family dies (first thing I wrote back in Dec. 2016). Thankfully nobody did in 2017, unlike 2016. I think this will be a standard wish every year now. And I know that people will die at some point. :-(

... I hope any health challenges family members experience won't be too overwhelming and life-threatening.

... I will get politically involved to help elect Democrats locally. I hope the Dems take the house in November.

... we may become citizens. And maybe I will be able to vote!!!

... my youngest will graduate 8th grade and start high school. I hope he won't suffer much from anxiety in this transition.

... my parents will come for an extended visit. I hope they are healthy. We may travel with them to either Canada or maybe to Asia (more on that later).

... I hope my brother's family will have an OK transition in their big move (which deserves its own post).

... I have to undergo a review in my job. I hope and pray it goes well and my contract is renewed.

... we will see all of K's family again in July. I hope all goes well. My brother is supposed to come for Christmas and I am looking forward to that long overdue visit.

... I hope against hope that things won't get worse with that man in the White House, but I dare not hope too much, because I know it can get worse very fast. :-(

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