Thursday, July 13, 2017

Incredible Timing

We drove back home last night from our vacation.

Tomorrow, we have to be at the closest immigration center at 8 am for our our biometrics (fingerprinting).

So, if this hadn't happened, we would probably have missed the appointment because we would have been hundreds of miles away! So, everything worked for good, down to the day almost (because I was actually planning to return today).

K's brother drove straight to our house last Sunday and opened the mail, alerting us to the appointment tomorrow, so we knew in advance.

We won't sleep a lot, since we need to wake up really early not risk being late, but we're very thankful we can keep this appointment and get the ball rolling on that pesky naturalization process.

More later (oh how I wish I could easily blog from my phone! As it is I can only do it using the browser as all apps have really bad reviews and I refuse to get them).

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