Monday, July 25, 2016

Foggy, Hazy Rio de Janeiro, but Sunny Christ Statue!

This is a photo post. My children have been amazingly blessed this past year in terms of seeing incredible natural wonders: they've been up close to the Matterhorn, the Momt Blanc, and Jungfrau mountains in the Alps; then a few weeks ago we went to the k credible Iguazu Falls and today we arrived at a very foggy & hazy Rio. It was still great (and hopefully better tomorrow) and staying at the local house of friends is very special! 
Bright blue from the back:

Sunny front;

Foggy city below:
This was supposed to be an incredible view of the Sugarloaf mountains:

A few more:

And Incredible sunset with "sea" of clouds:

Looking forward to 2nd & last day tomorrow. 

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