Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blogger's Block?


I know, I sigh A LOT, don't I?

And I always have these periodic periods (oh, does that sounds redundant much?! I'll leave it, I don't care) of some writing apathy.

A mix of the fact that nobody almost no one reads blogs anymore or maybe some do but are too busy to comment so I don't feel like writing to no one and the reality that I'm continuing to be WAY too busy. I, for once, never read blogs on my phone, I only do it when I'm using a computer at home (never at work!) and sometimes that doesn't happen as often as I'd like -- but I still read and comment -- often more than I blog.

As for being too busy... sigh... I hope this will be the last semester of that!! More on next post.

So, I hope now that I broke the blog writing block I'll come back with more posts.

P.S. I'm also blogging way less because I no longer have data on my phone where I work MWF, only WiFi -- data can only be used when I'm in a LTE network, not 3G. I'm also saving some money b/c of that! a mixed blessing... ;-P

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What Now? said...

Do you blog on your phone? My eyesight is WAY too bad for that; I can only type on a computer.