Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Adding Injury to Illness

Written yesterday, today I'm worse & may or may not blog about it... ;-)

I'm still sick. The good thing is that I wasn't sick at all in 2015 -- at least not during the semesters when I had to work, and I don't remember being sick in the summer. So I guess that this long bout with a virus was overdue. :-(

The sore throat has been gone for almost a week, but I'm coughing a lot now, which makes it hard to sleep. I also don't feel any hunger, so I haven't been eating much, and I feel a slight headache that comes and goes and congested (I think my sinuses and inner ears are also affected, though not very seriously).

In order to try to get some sleep I have been having to lie down in different positions, such as lying flat on my back, sometimes propped up by pillows and this has brought on a mild lower back injury. Last night I slept with an ice-pack on my back and that helped, so hopefully the pain on my back won't get worse. Sigh...

I am hoping that this will be all the sickness I get until the end of the Spring semester!!

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What Now? said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!