Sunday, July 12, 2015

Airport Blogging/ Out of It

Quickly blogging at the airport before our flight to Frankfurt and from there to Cairo.

We're excited, but exhausted because we just had some very intense days and late nights. (I went to bed at 4 AM last night and got up at 6:30)

In addition I am very out of it, because it I was using my "real name" Twitter account last week to check important issues from the church meeting. 

Apparently people are shocked by how Atticus Finch is portrayed in the newly published draft version of h
Harper Lee's book. Sigh... The book was never meant to be published and is mostly a publicity stunt by the publisher, so... What's the big deal? 

Last, but not least, my phone has gone beserk. First I think it reached our data usage cap and it just hasn't been online since yesterday. I was only able to get connected to the internet here at the airport. However, the phone won't let me use iTunes or the App Store. :-(

We will begin boarding in the next few minutes so I hope to be able to blog again soon from another country!

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